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Surprise in Romania erotic story

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While I was working for an agency from Eastern-Europe, they called me for an interesting travel meeting. I’ve heard lot of things about Romania, Dracula, but I never thought of visiting those places.

Someone wrote an article about Dracula’s Castle, which was obviously the property of Vlad Tepes, one of Romania’s well known prince.

So my agency told me my client wants me in Romania for 3 days. This was a great surprise and I had doubts at first, because normally clients booked me only for 12 hours or 24 hours, this time I was lucky. In just a few hours, my client confirmed the flight ticket, the hotel, he sent some money in advance. I was very happy because I was going to earn money, a lot of money, from just one client.

So the big day came, I took my plane and in just a few hours I arrived to Bucharest, where a driver in a black Lamborghini was waiting for me, he told me that he brings me to my client’s hotel. I was pretty sure I will spend memorable moments with him. When I arrived to his hotel, he gave me the money and invited me for a dinner. I have to admit, he was an older guy, arbout 50 years old, but with great attitude, he was a good looking gentleman as well.

We talked a lot, we drank champagnes, ate caviar, I had the feeling I was somewhere in USA, not in Romania. He offered me the best, because he told me I am his favorite porn actress, and he read lot of reviews about my escort experiences during my tours, so he offered me a shot to show him how good I am. I guaranteed him, when we will arrive back to his room, I will satisfy all his wishes. Because he was older, he was very tender in bed too, without asking for stupid things I was making in my movies. The only thing he wanted from me was a great girlfriend experience combined with porn star experience.

In these three days, we acted like a couple: we went everywhere hand in hand, we kissed in public, we had good sex together, I made him many blowjobs, because this was his hidden wish, we tried lot of poses, we enjoyed everything together.

But in my last day of my little trip, my client made me a great surprise: he told me we will take his personal plane, and he will bring me to Dracula’s Castle, because he knew this was my secret wish, and one of the reasons he wanted to meet me in Romania was this trip. I was impressed, I started to cry, because he was my first client who offered me such a big surprise. Sometimes I loose my belief in the goodness of people, but this great man proved me that in this miserable world, still there are good people with great heart.

I wish him all my life the best, I tell him this all the time we meet, because he is still one of my best regular clients.

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